aka MetaStreet Pools "Lite"

Earn simplifies the lending experience and enables users to earn yield in a matter of two clicks. The Earn interface utilizes the same Pools and contracts from the existing MetaStreet App, but streamlines the user experience to NFT and DeFi participants of all levels and experience.

Start earning yield in just two clicks:

  1. Browse available Pools and select the APR card that you wish to begin earning from based on the NFT collection and other risk & reward parameters.

  2. Enter an amount to deposit (or lend) into that Pool and you're set!

It's that simple.

Users can choose which Pools to deposit in based on a wealth of information, including:

  1. Pools sorted by TVL - Gain a top down view of the Top Pools - Navigate to traditional Pools page for "Pro" users to create new Ticks

  1. APR Cards (aka Ticks or Positions) sorted by Current APR - Access the top four Positions quickly, if available - Easily deposit into to the highest yielding, deepest liquidity Ticks

  1. Right hand modal to complete a deposit - Deposit with two clicks (select Tick + enter Deposit amount) - Navigate to traditional Pools page for "Pro" users to change Tick parameters

Users do not have to utilize the Earn interface if they prefer the traditional Pools interface. Earn is simply a way to reduce decision making for those looking to deploy capital quickly to earn yield.

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