The first Liquid Credit Tokens (LCT)

Following the success of the CryptoPunks/wstETH tokenized pool, we have converted all pools into LCT or tokenized pools:

🚀 Deposit any ERC-20 into MetaStreet and mint a new liquid credit token (LCT) tradable in secondary markets. Burn your LCT to redeem your underlying deposit (after redemption period) or trade back to the deposit ERC-20 on the secondary market.

How to Borrow

  1. The Borrow experience is identical to the standard Borrow experience

  2. When in Borrow, make sure the currency selected is WSTETH to see all available liquidity for the wstETH Pool

  3. Follow the standard Borrow transaction flow

How to Deposit or Mint [Lend]

  1. Choose a pool based on your risk and return preferences

  2. Enter in a Deposit Amount and follow the transaction flow

  3. Use the copy function at the top right to copy the contract address to add it to your wallet

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